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In our store, typical Appenzell crafts are waiting for you. Hans Keller makes by hand various wooden objects that are unmistakably part of tradidional customs in Appenzell. You will find item such as wooden buckets for example, butter barrels and cheese boards, that have their origin and are still used in alpine butter and cheese making.


In the olden days, wood turnen and cooperproduced almost exclusively for alpine dairy and alpine farming, or their products served as tools in local cottage industries. Today hoewver, those item are still carved intricately by hand and are in demand as souveniers and ornaments.


Typical items in our store are cheese plates, butter dishes, carved turntables, pepper mills, butter barrels, buckets used by alpine dairy when they move their herds to mountain pastures in the summer. There are "Betruftrichter", fummel-shaped instruments used in evening prayer calls in the mountains.


You will find a line of precious wood carvings such as hand-crafted replicas of alpine processions, as well as small sculptures as religious item, angels and madonnas.


At Christmastime we offer a wide selection of nativity figures. There is of course also "Chlausez├╝├╝g", typical only in Appenzell Innerrhoden.


We are also happy to take on individual orders, made especially for you.


Since 1982, Hedi and Hans Keller manage their turnery and store on the picturesque Main Street, located about 100 meters from the historic "Landsgemeindeplatz".